Hampshire Cosplay

Hampshire Cosplay for Charity was set up to fill the gap between Cosplay and Charity Fundraising.
Our passion for costuming brings a smile to everyone faces and if we can make a little money for charity, then that's our mission complete.

This is where you can find all of our up and coming events. Don't forget to check our Facebook Page for up to the minute info.

What we do

We are a large group of local people, who have a passion for Cosplay and want to use that overwhelming drive, to help out local and national charities. We have raised so much so far, and want to continue to work alongside organisations that need our help. We all pride ourselves on being a big family and have some amazing costumes. Some of these costumes are hand made.


Whether is is walking along the Seafront at Southsea, or through a busy city centre. You will find us waving a charity bucket or two.

Charity Events

This could be anywhere from a supermarket to a family fun day. We will be there to bring a smile to everyones face.

Next Event

We are just getting started and all of our events will be on our facebook events page..

Get in touch

For more information and to get in contact, please do so through our Facebook Page . This way we can help you more efficiently.